Getting a little Filthy into exclusive locations across the country

Filthy combines unique branding, package design, and a strong eCommerce site to make waves in more than just cocktails.

We take a holistic, personalized approach to working with clients at James Ross Advertising & Interactive. With the help of our logo & packaging design, website, advertising and creative direction, Filthy Food has slipped its way into exclusive bars and hotels across the country.

The brand launch for this unique line of drink garnishes has really been making a stir. Packaging and website branding have brought the company accolades from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Life & Style Magazine. The tradeshow booth not only carried the glitz of its branding campaign, its modular design enabled the booth to be tailored for different events.

What better way to promote a new line of drink garnishes than to create a virtual cocktail party! That’s the strategy behind the Filthy Food social media campaign.

Establishing an identity, fan base, being followed by potential business partners and promoting its mixologist advocacy position has been a key to awareness among very exclusive bars and hotels.

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