Florida Express Jet enters the travel market with a bold, friendly brand that "speaks Floridian"

Jet-setting direct & online marketing combined with custom web design help Florida Express Jet soar above the competition.

Anyone who has ever visited Florida knows how long the state is and how awkward it is to travel from city to city. So when Florida Express Jet decided to turn the Floridian travel market on its ear with $69 fares and convenient travel schedules, we knew that the branding strategy behind the pioneering company’s brand and image would not only have to express that bold innovation, but also “speak Floridian.”

James Ross Advertising & Interactive developed the comprehensive branding strategy and launch plan that included everything from a corporate ID and brochures to the web presence and billboards. Yes, we even designed the branding on the planes.

The bright, fun imagery is designed to invoke the many different facets of Florida, and speak to a diverse market. With a growing population and more business travel taking place in the Sunshine state than ever before, Florida Express Jet is certain to be on trip to success.

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