Tech Start-Up, Link To Fitness, gets Customized Assistance to Bring Together Trainers from Around the World with Fitness Enthusiasts combines beautiful web design and custom Joomla programming to create a brand new workout tool.

The executive team of Link To Fitness came to James Ross Advertising & Interactive with a big idea to use technology to allow personal trainers across the globe to offer their workout routines and programs to fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

We took all of their ideas, researched third party solutions, and settled on Joomla as the right content management system to make their idea come to life. Combining some off-the-shelf and in-house custom built Joomla components, along with a third party video service, we were able to develop a complete web application that looks great and provides both fitness trainers and trainees with an amazing user experience.

By allowing existing Joomla software to handle the user management and profile functionality, Link To Fitness was able to put their budget toward custom design and custom functionality programming.

James Ross Advertising & Interactive can help take almost any idea from start to finish and make it a reality within scope and budget.

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