North Star Seafood Gets a New Website With a Look As Fresh As The Seafood They Supply

Professional photo shoots, copywriting, and eye-catching web design combine into a website that shows North Star’s true quality.

North Star Seafood has delivered outstanding customer service, unbeatable industry knowledge, and the freshest seafood available for over 20 years. They are at the top of their game in South Florida, but their former website didn’t properly reflect that. James Ross was brought in to design and build a new website that would showcase what North Star is really all about.

Beyond, design and coding, fresh content was also needed. We did extensive photo shoots in several of North Star’s facilities and conducted interviews with company staff and leadership to develop great copy and imagery for the new site. The product photos had to be appealing and look as good as the appetizing responsive web design that we came up with.

The final challenge that we helped North Star overcome was to develop an easy and satisfying user interface to showcase their huge array of fresh and frozen seafood products. Everything came together to create a beautiful WordPress based responsive website that’s one heck of a good catch.

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