Improved E-Commerce and User Experience Helps Prepworks Help More Students Than Ever Before

With Beautiful Responsive Design and Improved Navigational Layout, Prepwork’s New Website Truly Reflects the Quality of Their Online Courses

Prepworks personalized online courses help students all over the world excel in school and standardized test taking. However, before we built them a new website, getting enrolled wasn’t exactly an easy thing to do. Even the best students and their parents had a hard time determining what Prepworks is all about, and how to find what courses and services they offered.

James Ross helped ensure that their new website provided a better online buying user experience, and organized the site in a way that allowed for potential customers to learn about Prepworks in an easier and more direct way. Utilizing WooCommerce for WordPress, integrated directly with Prepwork’s Salesforce account, we streamlined the enrollment process and made it responsive to allow for all mobile devices.

With their new look and improved user interface and experience, Prepworks is ready to start improving their eCommerce sales like they do with their students’ grades.

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