The best riding boat in the water needed to get the word out

The Twin Vee Powercat boat needed to highlight its unique features.

A unique set of features make the Twin Vee Powercat a really great boat. Unfortunately the twin hull design was not popular with a lot of boaters. The twin hulls give the boater more deck space, a smoother ride in rough seas, the ability to use smaller engines because of the hull’s efficiency, thus saving money on the cost of engines, plus, the boat was priced very reasonably.

Their website was the main contact point for interested buyers, but lacked excitement, was difficult to navigate, and was not responsive. James Ross did a complete overhaul of the site, including videos to highlight the boats in action, improved SEO and made it responsive. Each model’s features and equipment was detailed out so consumers understood what a great value the boat was. In addition we went into great detail as to the real, tangible benefits of owning a Twin Vee and the twin hull design.

Our team also expanded the overall aesthetic of the new online experience into a beautiful brochure for the boats that mirrored the messaging and imagery from the website.


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