Types of Marketing to Consider for 2022

Marketing the past year or so has become something like uncharted territory. Without it, businesses wouldn’t have survived. We all had to pick up new tactics and channels to keep afloat online since in-person wasn’t an option. 

Since its introduction in the ’90s, the internet has been one of the most disruptive and useful tools for marketers. Let’s take a glance at some tools and channels marketers should already be in, if not start using, in the upcoming year:

Influencers are a basic need

Influencers are a great way to generate brand awareness and provide honest feedback to consumers. They help get your product in front of another audience set by someone they trust. Influencers, though, are becoming more common and basic in a social campaign. Almost every brand has some influencer, whether they’re a niche or micro-influencer all the way to the macro.

Keep in mind though, influence marketing is more effective against generation z more than any other generation with “56% of Gen Z are more likely to try a product or service if their favorite online influencer recommends it.” Be aware of what market you want to target, and who the influencer’s audience is, so you’re accurately targeting the correct one.

SEO opportunities grows 

By now, you should have some sort of online website for your product, and your audience and potential customers need to be able to find it. That is where Search Engine Optimization can help. The goal of SEO is for your website to organically appear on the first page of the search results when someone is searching for your product or service, based on certain keywords. Being first on the Search Engine Results Page, organically, is a HUGE win for businesses since we all know that roughly no one goes to the second page.

Even more so, the pandemic made more and more things move online so much that  “68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.”, and as of July 2019, Google specifically had 92.18% of the market share within the Search Engine Market. With more people going online for inquiries, it’s vital to get your keywords up and running to get on the first page.

Virtual is the newest normal

Going into the new year, we fully expect to be bringing our virtual and hybrid events with us. For almost 2 years, we’ve maneuvered marketing efforts into the online realm, and those efforts won’t go in vain. With new and old worries about the virus, there’s still a large market of those who want to be online over in-person. Budgets will more than likely shrink compared to the past year, but according to Hubspot, 80% of marketers plan to keep their budget the same or add more, through 2022.

The Expansion of Audio Content 

Audio content is just content consumed through listening. Things such as podcasts, audiobooks, and more. As we know, this field has grown massively this past year. More people are listening to and starting their own podcasts. 

To really explain how this will continue to show, Podcast advertising alone is expected to grow to 1.33 billion in 2022 according to Exploding Topics, which is huge considering they also cite that 80% of listeners listen to the entire episode, including ads. 

For platforms to consider for ads, Spotify and Apple Podcast are still tied as market leaders for anyone consuming audio content.

Start getting prepped 

2022 is going to be a mixture of old, with new developments throughout them. The virus is still hanging around and that’s going to be affecting people and business for a while. It’s still the marketing era of being creative and up front about how to get your brand out and about the world. James Ross is also no stranger to being creative with our ideas! Contact us here, or email us at hello@jamesrossadvertising.com and let’s start talking about how creative we can be for you!

Branding Trends to look for in 2022

Branding Matters

Branding is all about connecting. As we know, connecting and design aesthetics have become a major eye-catcher thanks to social media platforms. However, it’s never been just social media that matters as companies have been, and are continuing to, add more emphasis to their online presence. To accomplish this, companies are relying on their branding because of its ability to boost reputation and recognition through a unique story that stands out amongst their competitors. Even the best well-known brands today would not be as successful without good branding. 

To learn and understand just how much branding matters, read a previous post here!

2022 Branding Trends

The past year and a half exposed our reliance on virtual connections, making businesses and customers realize the importance of an online presence. This meant most people and companies had to quickly adapt from face-to-face to behind-the-screen interactions, creating an expansion in the online market with new trends constantly popping up every year. A couple of trends carried over like minimalism, neutral colors, and natural designs, but a whole new level of creative trends will be seen in 2022.

Here are 5 trends to keep an eye on:

1. Brand Activism 

This trend isn’t just a trend anymore, considering more and more customers today demand some sort of stance on today’s issues. Here, your company should convey what it stands for socially and/or environmentally, and even give benefits or donate to charities, non-profits, and other platforms. Being active for social issues is a crucial factor many are expecting from companies considering generation Z is the most motivated in giving back to communities and being environmentally conscious. If your company is aiming to target this younger generation with your products and services, you will need to include this somewhere in your strategic planning.

Lush does a great example of brand activism with their products that aim to better the environment

via Lush

2. Brand Inclusivity

Today, inclusiveness within a brand is just as important as activism. People want to see companies include and promote diversity across the map in their campaigns for the long run. Customers are searching for businesses that are including this component within their marketing strategy, and are pushing away from businesses that don’t. Inclusivity is not exclusive to only different sized models but can be applied to race, gender, sexuality, and more, but also different products and price points as well.

Gap is a great example of including many different body types and ethnicities in their marketing campaigns:

via Gap
Via Gap

3. Nostalgia

There’s no secret the 1990’s and the early 2000’s fashion has made a comeback today, but it has also started to integrate its way into the online business world. The use of nostalgia in branding has been used by multiple different types of companies, and through the use of it, people are brought back to their memories. Creating a connection to people’s feelings and reminding them of their childhood joys isn’t just a trend that will carry over but is a way for your brand to connect on an emotional level with your consumers as well!

4. Authenticity

As technology and the internet continue to grow, the utilization of authenticity integrated within a company has become important. It brings a sense of originality and trustworthiness, something that every company needs to build a loyal consumer basis. So much so, that in a 2019 study, 90% of consumers stated authenticity was important when choosing brands to support, that being up 3% from 2018.

One aspect of this is for brands to use UGC, or User-Generated Content, on their social media pages. As stated by the same study as above, 58% of global consumers see it as the most authentic form of content. It’s recommended to move away from the content that takes all day to make, and instead listen and show off your consumers on your platform to make them feel important.

 5. Consumer Interaction is key

Interactive marketing is where your brand’s advertising and website become a bit more dynamic and, obviously by the name, interactive with your customers. This tool helps businesses engage with consumers in a new and more memorable way. The best thing about this tool is that any business – no matter the size – can benefit from it. It’s all about inviting responses, driven by the customer, and creating a two-way dialogue between company and consumer. In doing so, it opens up the ability for the customer to grow alongside the brand. The benefits of being interactive include honest feedback from customers and insight on what audiences want, as well as help with product decisions, expansions, manufacturing, and marketing.

How Branding Agencies Can Help

Making changes to your company website can feel like an overwhelming task when you don’t know where to start. However, the right branding agency can make the branding process easier with help from professionals. With 30+ years of experience, James Ross Advertising can provide you with a unique branding strategy filled with all the services a modern brand might need. Our team of creators, designers, writers, directors, and strategists will give you renewed confidence in 2022. Contact us here to get started on your well-deserved branding experience!