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Brand Identity: How do you inspire loyalty?

Your customers could be your most avid brand advocates.

Loyal customers are much more profitable than your average customer. That’s why brands spend billions trying to develop customer loyalty.

Is your company developing brand loyalty?

Sometimes it takes some hard question to answer that. Do your own informal brand audit: are you a company people would want to do business with? Do you appeal to your customers’ passions? Do you serve a relevant purpose in their life? Do you represent their values? Are you conveying a consistent message? Is your message simple and clear? Do you really offer a superior service? Ask yourself these questions, or better yet ask your customers. Honest answers may be painful but it’s the only way to start to change perceptions.

These are just a few of the questions James Ross considers for our clients when we analyze their brand. Developing brand loyalty takes time and you’ll have to do some soul searching to get you there. 

Erika Brookes provides more great tips for developing brand loyalty: http://www.adrianswinscoe.com/8-tips-for-developing-a-brand-identity-that-inspires-customer-loyalty/