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Swiss Navy

Turning sex into love and love into profits.

When we first met, Swiss Navy was a small niche line of personal lubricants, sold in adult specialty retailers. They needed to think bigger, and a plan to grow the brand. The first thing we told them was they needed to bring the brand to national drug store chains like CVS and Walgreens. In other words, we needed to become more mainstream. To do that, we needed to stand for something. This is were we developed: “Love Your Love Life.” It was no longer about sex; it was about love. Secondly, we needed a new consumer-centric website to explain the brand. Thirdly, we needed new packaging geared to mainstream retailers – packaging that was subtle and tasteful. Our initiatives allowed Swiss Navy to get shelf space in chains like CVS, GNC, Walgreens, and Vitamin Shop. James Ross even helped them with the pitch decks to these retailers. We also guided them in the development of line extensions and new products. Since then we have launched supplements, his and her products, and a completely new brand – Dr’s Own. All now occupy significant shelf space in these retailers. Did we mention profits have more than quadrupled? Turns out, sex isn’t the only thing that sells.


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