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Before hiring a firm to design your website, make sure their designers & developers are in sync

Designers & Developers: A powerful relationship that effects web functionality, usability and reliability.

It’s critical in any web development project that the designer and developer collaborate together. Think of like this: suppose the designer of a car never spoke to or collaborated with his engineering department and manufacturing plant. He or she would more than likely add things to the design that engineering couldn’t make work and manufacturing couldn’t produce. The same thing happens in web development if there isn’t a constant dialogue between designer and developer. At James Ross, all web projects begin with a cross-department meeting to discuss the parameters, functionality and expected deliverables. Designer and developer work together, side by side to make sure we don’t design a feature we can’t deliver on.

Typically there are several times throughout the workday where the development team needs to consult the design team and vice-versa.

Just as importantly, at the completion of a web project, the development team and design team QA and QC the website. Each team views the project through their expert eyes to ensure it lives up to our standards and the client’s expectations.

This is just one example of the expertise of James Ross and what you should look for in a web development partner.

Check out this article which provides even more information on how designers and developers should collaborate: https://uxmag.com/articles/the-relationship-between-designers-and-developers