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Gen Z (Ages 4-21): the social savants.

Social media is being revolutionized by this eclectic generation.

If you thought social media was big with millennials, you don’t know the half of it. Generation Z is here and they have literally been raised with social media. It’s part of their culture as well as their DNA.

Most Gen Z’s are in their teens and are massive social influencers. While many of them haven’t even entered they workforce, they represent billions and billions of dollars in purchasing power.

Gen Z doesn’t hold any lasting loyalty to many of the large, legacy brands. They’re more apt to gravitate to brands that are new, have a strong social media presence or are popular with friends and influencers. In many cases when targeting this market a social first strategy is probably the most effective.

This generation needs more than your corporate proof point about a product or service, they need peer to peer social proof.

You’re either in their social universe or you’re not. Eventually, there will be another generation that takes over from Gen Z and present a whole new set of values, but for now Gen Z is king. Deep Patel wrote a great article that breaks down Gen Z’s importance to business. Check out the link below.