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The power of Package Design: win on the shelf.

The design of your packaging can make or break you.

Package design has never been more important than today, especially for start up and challenger brands. The Proctor & Gambles of the world have huge budgets to research and test over and over to find the right formula. It’s not so easy for smaller brands.

When designing your packaging here are some things to consider:

  • Absolutely know who your product is targeting: children, adults? Men, women? Health conscience consumer? A bargain shopper or a luxury consumer?
  • Determine beforehand a personality for your product. Is it fun, approachable, irreverent or is it elegant, formal and aspirational?
  • Study similar brands in the market and ask yourself how you can bring a unique look to the category? How can your package design stand out and resonate with consumers?

Answering questions like these BEFORE the package design process begins is critical to bring a product successfully to market. This is just a small part of the thought and design process James Ross brings to every package design project. Check out Shaun Bowen’s article for even more thoughts on package design: http://www.foodbev.com/news/how-effective-packaging-design-can-make-or-break-a-start-up-brand/