The hottest cocktail garnish gets the hippest website.

We launched the brand a couple of years ago – now we just upped the game.

Having launched the Filthy Foods brand a couple of years ago and driving it to prominence amongst mixologists at the finest establishments, we wanted to raise the bar even more. The bar (no pun intended) was already pretty high, with the brand being the choice of hip bars and restaurants from New York to San Fransisco. Already recognized for the sexy pickle within an olive and the absolutely finest quality garnishes on the face of the earth, Filthy needed a new web presence to further the story. We designed and developed an e-commerce website featuring gorgeous, stylish photography, quirky icons and slick functionality, making it easy for consumers to order Filthy directly and establishments to learn more about the brand. Filthy is also available at leading retail liquor stores, so we produced eye-catching bottle neckers and shelf talkers promoting the brand at point of purchase.


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