BioXGenic: Branding a Full Line of Daily Health Products

The company expands in major markets, utilizing top branding and packing design.

As the company entered a growth phase and began distributing their supplement product line through major market stores, so did their brand. James Ross Advertising & Interactive partnered with BioXGenic to name the product, develop packaging, create point of purchase displays, design vehicle graphics and even generate media buzz with a successful product launch.

During the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, we had the opportunity to not only have a great product that was market-ready, but were able to feed media outlets with press releases, which helped garner great buzz for the product. Landing pages were created along with social media properties to take advantage of the momentum and exposure the brand was receiving. Through this launch, BioXGenic solidified nationwide distribution with Vitamin Shoppe, GNC,, CVS, and Walgreens.

Today, our partnership with BioXGenic is stronger than ever. Their brand recognition continues to grow and our marketing strategy continues to expand their product into targeted markets.

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