The Advantages of Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Gone is the time of just being desktop compatible. This past year alone, mobile user share increased 10% to 47.59%, and more than 7 billion people worldwide have a mobile phone. While that is a lot of people, please don’t get us wrong. Desktop is still important and necessary, but Mobile-friendly has been ranked just as high in those categories within the past few years. 

We mentioned before in a previous blog just how important mobile-friendly is, which you can read here. For this blog though, we’re going to discuss some advantages that come with having a mobile version of your website. 

It’s become a Google Ranking Factor

If you didn’t already know, Google has been taking into account mobile-friendly search results for businesses since 2015. This hasn’t been harming desktop rankings, but if you’re not optimized for mobile, you’ll be at a disadvantage against those who are. 

Also, mobile speed scores also can affect rankings. Users care about their time and don’t want to wait as your website takes forever to load. Make sure to take care and pay attention to these factors if you want to improve your Google rankings. 

Just to help you check if your website is mobile-friendly, here’s Google’s own Mobile-Friendly URL test

Mobile E-commerce Market

While we’re all used to ordering from websites, mobile eCommerce is a large market for all industries. So much so that by the end of 2020, US mobile retail revenues reached 339.03 billion US dollars, and that was during the major hit of the pandemic. While things start to get back to normal, people are now accustomed to online orders, fast shipping, and even sometimes same-day arrival.

It’s become a part of us so much that by next year, it’s expected to grow 68%. More people are on their phones, especially when on the go now that offices and jobs are opening. 

Thanks to popular mobile websites like Sephora, Zara, Shein, and Amazon,  who have successfully marketed mobile to their audience, and have made it easy to use with no conflict. 

Better than an app?

There’s a constant battle between platforms for apps. The best thing about a website is that it’s not restricted to being on one platform or the other. It’s open for all smartphones as long as you have an internet connection. Even so, there’s no need to update it constantly to fix bugs and issues. Websites do need some maintenance, but not on a consistent schedule like apps.

They both have their benefits, obviously, and whichever you choose depends on your business objectives. The websites do tend to be easier to manage and maintain, and they can help convert users from different IOS’s. 

With the benefits of quick loading, higher ranking on the results page, accessibility to the mobile e-commerce market, and more, Mobile websites have the ability to take your online presence to the next level. We here at James Ross have an amazing team to help you reach that level and beyond! Contact us today to get started on reaching those goals and more!