Why you need to invest in a custom website

The day-to-day business activities are tiresome and exhausting. While your list of never-ending tasks isn’t getting any smaller, your website design should be a top priority. Custom website design can be an invaluable tool for success in your business if it has these three elements:

  1. Tells your story
  2. Leads to a fast and simple customer action
  3. Provides a unique value to make the user experience easier or more enjoyable

Telling your Story

No matter if users find you through a Google search, a paid ad, or organic content, what they see should tell the story of who your business is. Therefore, your website needs to match the story you have on your ads and social media feeds. For example, if your ads showcase a luxurious branding message, but your website is outdated with an old or misleading message, this will lead to high bounce rates and low conversions.

Investing in custom website design means implementing a cohesive message throughout your site that is undeniable to your customers and proves to them why they should buy from you and not their competitors.

Customer Actions Matters

Customer action is another way to say conversion. It’s anything you want your customers to do, whether that be purchasing a product from you, signing up for your newsletter, scheduling a consultation, etc. The bottom line is, it’s your job to ensure that your website leads to a fast and simple customer action by implementing call-to-action buttons (CTAs) strategically throughout your website is a great way to get your customers to convert.

But what makes a good CTA button? When it comes to leading your customers to action, making those messages as personal as possible has led to 202% more conversions than typical, non-personalized call-to-action buttons. 
Besides personalization, here are some things to keep in mind about CTA buttons according to SEJ:

  1. Focus on Benefits
  2. Write User-Focused Copy
  3. Address and Overcome user objections
  4. Use the soft sell

The User Experience

User experience or UX, at its core, is about how users interact with a product, and that overlaps with the digital world. According to Xd Adobe, here are some things they usually evaluate their experiences on:

  1. Value
  2. Function
  3. Usability
  4. General Impression

We at James Ross Advertising believe there is a little more to it. When it comes to custom website design, especially for eCommerce websites, it’s not just about creating a unique value for your customers, but also giving you a competitive edge through a smooth transition from screen shopping to checking out.

As an example of how exactly we do that, let’s discuss a client in the Yacht brokerage industry. Initially, there was a need for a website redesign, and they were given a fresh face. Yet, something was missing on the UX side. How do users find the exact product they’re looking for? Thus, we created a little tool we call the Yacht Shopper. A first of its kind, it allowed our clients’ customers to define what they were shopping for, and narrow down to the exact product they wanted, based on price, engine type, length, and more for their own custom dashboard for shopping ease.

Web Design matters and you don’t get it from template designs. Going custom gives you the freedom to be unique and creative in your approach to how you want people to see your business. Contact us here, and let’s discuss how we can expand your business with a custom website.