• Consumer Products
  • 3D Modeling
  • Corporate Identity
  • Package Design
  • Web Design
  • Retail Display Design
  • Tradeshow Display

A name with a twist

Filthy – premium drink garnished with a tiny pickle or pepper poking out prominently from the center, stuffed with blue cheese or the classic pimento, sported a brand name that was anything but subtle. In fact, the name had raised a few eyebrows. But, with the naughty logo we designed and our strategic and marketing expertise, it’s now the toast of the town and the garnish of choice in the hippest bars and restaurants in major cities.

A bold marketing strategy – we’ll drink to that

Our marketing strategy was to go directly to the mixologists in the hippest cities, in the trendiest bars and restaurants. As cultural influencers, they would spread the word and be brand advocates. A road show commenced with presentations and events is top cities. Mixologists loved them and bought-in big time, as Filthy became the garnish of choice for leading bars and restaurants.

Packaging and labels that scream: “eat me”

The silver-black labels are both elegant and a little naughty. Whether displayed on shelves at Total Wines or on the Filthy e-commerce website it begs for attention. It’s designed with a wink and a nod and a good chuckle, instantly elevating it beyond ordinary drink garnishes.

A beautiful E-commerce site that raises the bar (pun intended)

Store shelves weren’t our biggest venue. We designed and coded a shoppable and responsive website where every product was beautifully displayed and easily accessible to customers.

Social media marketing

Our marketing support for the launch ranger from PPC retargeting ads to piece of creative was tested and validated for response rates. A wide range of messaging was tested as we narrowed down creative to the best performers.

Getting around

All collateral was designed to allure and attract – bottle neckers and brochures for co-branding at top retail liquor stores.