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Superior brand creation starts with comprehensive audience research and testing

James Ross Advertising was tapped to launch a new prostate health supplement for men when the concept was still in its infancy. With the launch a year out, we had no name, no positioning and no data – all we had was an idea. That was about to change.

Great brands begin with an intelligent naming process, a clear strategy and extensive testing. We brought all three to the table. After hundreds of naming explorations and many focus groups, we found a clear winner: Flomentum. The name resonated with our target audience, men 45-65, and suggested medical expertise for a prescription drug. It even contained the word “men!”

Testing the new brand identity was integral to our discovery process. This comprehensive testing approach – using a mix of online and offline focus groups and surveys – also helped inform development of the label and packaging design, as well as our go-to-market strategy.

Defining brand standards for the entire team

To gain traction among physicians and influencers in the medical industry, we determined it was important to bring Flomentum to market as if it were a prescription drug – showcasing the supplement’s proven efficacy and manufacturer’s scientific rigor.

That meant the packaging had to convey quality and exude a prescription drug vibe, without being sterile.

Sold exclusively online, the customer’s first real experience with Flomentum was when it was delivered to their home. To create a strong first impression, we designed both a single-bottle and a three-bottle custom box which reinforced the premium quality and further positioned Flomentum above ordinary supplements.

To guide the roll-out of the product, we created a comprehensive brand book that included positioning, messaging, persona, tone of voice, and a robust identity system. From sales to operations, this critical step ensured everyone on the team followed a consistent messaging approach.

Sourcing and sustainability take center stage

Through our audience research and message testing, James Ross determined that a central part of developing the brand identity was reinforcing the high-quality ingredients and purity. Considering that Flomentum’s main ingredient is an extremely pure extract from the ripened berries of the Saw Palmetto tree, sourcing practices, supply chain and sustainability became a critical component of the message strategy.

As a pioneer in the industry, Flomentum’s parent company worked closely with a coalition of agriculture, supply chain and research partners to establish industry standards under a newly created program called GEMS, that focused on purity, traceability, sustainability and responsibility. James Ross supported this critical brand initiative by creating the GEMS logo and developing the initial presentation detailing the newly established standards and practices for the entire industry. Then, we also embedded the concepts into Flomentum’s core values and messaging strategy.

From concept to eCommerce: launching online sales

Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your product can ensure a seamless purchase experience. In this case, we selected Shopify. Rich with information, the website is simple, easy to navigate and takes users down a clear purchase path.

High performing ad campaigns

Our advertising support for the launch ranged from pay per click (PPC) retargeting ads to paid social, featuring Facebook and Instagram ads. With a thorough plan in place, we tested each piece of creative and validated response rates. We deployed a wide range of messaging, and then narrowed down creative to the best performers.

With the social media channel, we were able to perform rapid testing. This started with creating a wide range of ad formats, including static, carousel and video ad units. Almost real-time analysis was conducted so we could act quickly and adjust subsequent campaigns.

Creative thinking to drive acquisition strategy

A critical part of the overall marketing strategy centered on capturing and nurturing leads, both for consumers and health care professionals. This piece of the strategy focused on an integrated CRM approach using Hubspot, along with keyword search advertising and the development of a full, triggered email nurturing funnel.

Courting physicians and distributing product samples

To help drive demand and prove efficacy, James Ross launched a patient sampling campaign that included building out a Health Care Professional portal on the website that is chock full of research results, official studies and a variety of other data. We designed support materials and sample kits, and recruited doctors who recognized the value of Flomentum for their patients. We saw quick initial success in getting sample packs and consumer brochures in dozens of doctor’s offices. Efforts are ongoing to recruit and educate doctors on the benefits of Flomentum.