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Branding a new insurance company.

Start-up, Topline Insurance, needed marketing help to define and brand their homeowners’ insurance company. The field is crowded with hundreds of companies, so it was really important for them to stand out. In discovery meetings with the client, we found that agency principle Nick Ferlanti had a goal to make homeowners insurance accessible, less intimidating, and easy for consumers. But perhaps the most interesting thing we discovered was Nick’s upbeat, friendly, and infectious personality. After meeting him, we came to the conclusion that Nick could play a major role in Topline’s brand.

Building the brand around him, we introduced a stylized caricature of Nick on the website as the “face” of the company. It fit perfectly with Nick’s goal of making homeowners’ insurance accessible and less intimidating. We created a distinctive website that features a conversational, friendly copy that demystifies homeowners’ insurance. Topline now has a welcoming, bright, approachable brand and a web experience employees and customers could rally around.