• Technology
  • Campaign Asset Development
  • Infographics Development
  • Landing Page Design
  • Lead-gen Campaign
  • Print Collateral

2019 Encryption trends study lead-gen campaign

nCipher needed to make their lead-gen campaigns more effective. Working in coordination with the nCipher teams in the US and UK, we developed the concept; Stay a Step Ahead, wrote all the content and designed a landing page with a strong, graphic look, that presented the data in a bold and dynamic way.

Let’s make encryption a little sexier

We also created all the campaign assets, including an executive summary of the study, campaign iconography, infographics, emails and social media posts. We also added more excitement and urgency to the copy, not easy to do when you’re talking about encryption.

The client was thrilled with the result, with lead-gen increasing significantly over the previous year.

2019 Global PKI and IoT Trends Study Campaign

Another campaign we developed, wrote and built-out for lead generation that dealt with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). We’d explain what PKI is, but we‘re sure you’d doze off before we were finished. Enticing graphics prompted viewers to download a variety of assets or watch the corporate video.

eIDAS Compliance lead-gen landing page

eIDAS is a European Union, cyber security compliance initiative that’s required for any company that wishes to do business within the Union. With the deadline fast approaching for compliance, we developed a lead-gen campaign offering a guide: “The eIDAS Regulation for Dummies”. Capturing leads as viewers downloaded the guide, we reminded companies nCipher had the expertise to guide them through the process. They could also download several white papers and solution briefs.