Why a Good Website Matters

There are more than 1.83 billion websites on the internet, and in a world of 5G and fiber optics, consumers feel they shouldn’t have to wait for websites to load. If it happens, they could take their clicks, shares, and money elsewhere. Here, we’ll talk about some numbers, and a few important things to help you retain your visitors.

Importance of a good website

There’s nothing more important in the age of the world wide web than a company website. With 4.7+ billion internet users, eCommerce sales are expected to be about $5 trillion in 2021. According to Sweor, you have about .05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website. That’s 50 milliseconds for users to determine if they like it and stay, or bounce back to the search page. So, suffice to say it, but a visually functioning and attractive website design matters.

The facts

Hubspot reports that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout/content is unattractive, or if images won’t/take too long to load. Sweor also reports that 47% of users expect a maximum 2 second loading time for the average website. 

With the mass amount of information floating out in the world, and the acceleration of technology, users have high expectations about company websites and if you fail to meet those expectations, they’ll head back to the search results to find one that works for them.

Some must have Back End Features

CMS Tool

Short for a Content Management System, this helps with organization of all the content on your website. Things such as seasonal posts can be taken down, stored, and modified to reuse the next year. A good example of this would be WordPress.

Content Descriptions

Don’t overlook things like meta descriptions and titles! These helps improve your SEO, with the adding of certain words helps your website appear more frequently in certain searches. Particularly the meta titles. As these define what the page is that the user is about to click on, they’re a slight bit more important when it comes to rankings.


Hypertext Markup Language is the code that describes webpages. HTML5, released in 2014, gives you the ability to do most everything without those pesky plugins. According to techradar.com, you’re able to have animation to videos and everything in between, on your website. All the big browsers such as Chrome and Safari all support this code. For a good comparison of HTML and HTML 5, check out here.

Mobile optimization

Sweor reports that 85% of adults think the mobile version of a company website should be as good if not better than desktop, and socPub reports 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website. It’s not enough nowadays to just focus on desktop design. Be sure to test your website on mobile and tablet platforms to make sure the layout and load speed are optimized.
For more information on mobile optimization, check out our previous blog here

Create one now

eCommerce websites are quickly outnumbering brick and mortar stores. Companies can access consumers from all over the world, and henceforth have to compete for attention spans from all over the world. Consider it a pivotal part of your digital marketing plan. Without a good website design, people won’t remember or connect with your company. They’ll click right out of there, and that’s not what you want. Make sure to make your website intriguing, creative, and in tune with your brand identity.

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